Graduate Fellows

Shoumitro Chatterjee, Economics, "Essays on Economic Geography, Trade and Development"

Cheng Cheng, Sociology, "Women’s Education, Intergenerational Coresidence, and Household Decision-Making in China"

Maria-Magdalena Fuchs, "Religion: Representing Islam in Public: Muslim Voluntary Associations and Civic Engagement in Colonial North India, 1880s-1930s"

Heba Gowayed, Sociology, "Refugees Welcome: How Syrian Refugees make New Lives in Resettlement"

Daniel Hazard, English, "Freedom and Plantation Form in Caribbean Literature, 1945–1987"

Song Ha Joo, Politics, "Politics of labor immigration control in nondemocracies"

Abigail Kret, History, "Between Growth and Adjustment: International Economic Development, 1968-1985"

Emanuela Kucik, English, "Black Genocides: The Re-Conceptualization of Black Suffering in Post-Holocaust African-American and African Literature"

James Lee, Politics, "The Wages of Containment: Foreign Aid, American National Security Policy, and the Origins of the Developmental State"

Brandon Miller-de la Cuesta, Politics, "The Reputational Effects of Electoral Clientelism: evidence from Uganda and Ghana"

Kalyani Ramnath, History, "Boats in a Storm: Law, Politics and Jurisdiction in Postwar South Asia"

Joan Ricart-Huguet, Politics, "Who Governs? Pre-colonial Trade, Colonial Education, and Regional Political Inequality

Igor Rubinov, Anthropology, "Vital Growth: Climate adaptation in post-Soviet Tajikistan"

Benjamin Sacks, History, "Creating the Colonial City: Surveyors, Networks, and Geographies, 1670-1770"

Paula Vedoveli, History, "Private Capital, Public Debt: A Global History of Brazil and Argentina’s Integration into International Financial Markets, 1852–1906"

Emil Verner, Economics, "Essays on Finance and the Real Economy"

Lizabel Monica Villares Plasencia, Spanish and Portuguese, "Digital Culture in 21st Century Cuba"