Undergraduate Fellows

Harrison Blackman, "Our Man in ελλάδα: Constantinos Doxiadis and the Planning of Postwar Athens"
Dylan Blau Edelstein, "Painting Nise: An Exploration of Art, Memory, and Psychology in Rio de Janeiro"
Maria Garavito, "Gender Food, and Space: Gender Dynamics in Colombian Restaurants"
Minji Kim, "De Facto Statelessness of 2nd Generation North Korean Defectors in Yanji and Liaoning, China"
Preston Lim, “The Cost of Freedom: Contextualizing Turkey’s Jupiter Missiles”
Do-Hyeong Myeong, "An Analysis of the Role of Institutions Within the Resettlement Narratives of North Korean Defectors"
Yossi Quint, "The Development of Communal Prayer and Prayer Spaces in Judaism"
Daniel Teehan, "Articulating the Conditions of Possibility for Palestinian Cultural Production in Israel"
Achille Tenkiang, "A Tale of Two Cities: Nationhood, Memory, and Monumentality in Dakar and Addis Ababa"