Program in African Studies

Africa is the continent where our future will be determined. The continent boasts an abundance of both cultural and natural resources and is home to some of the fastest growing economies in the world, making Africa a fascinating place to study. 

Engaging with Africa at Princeton 11:40


Under the leadership of African School of Economics (ASE) and the Institut Pasteur of Côte d’Ivoire, African researchers are forming a Pan-African Scientific Research Council (PASRC), led by Leonard Wantchekon, founder of ASE and professor of politics and international Affairs at Princeton University. In the short-term, PASRC will conduct original research that helps governments and societies respond to the novel coronavirus. In the medium- and long-term, PASRC will address a range of challenges requiring research-driven responses, including food security, climate change, threats to biodiversity and political conflicts.

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Undergraduate students who participate in the certificate program.
Undergraduate Studies and Certificate Program

Students have an opportunity to learn more about the continent by taking courses toward a certificate, learning an African language or studying abroad.

Graduate Opportunities

Attend writers' workshops and lectures where graduate students share their work. Learn about study in Africa even after graduation.

Events and Lectures

Learn more about events that explore Africa and its rich culture.

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