Program in African Studies

Certificate of Proficiency


To obtain the certificate of proficiency, students must complete the normal requirements in their major department as well as the following requirements of the program:

  • Four AFS cross-listed courses. Students can substitute a cross-listed course with another course with prior approval from the director of the Program in African Studies.  Students who study abroad must submit courses for certificate credit to the program manager for director approval.  A one year-long sequence in Swahili or Twi can satisfy two of these course requirements.
  • Independent work is fulfilled with a senior thesis or junior paper on Africa.
  • One capstone semester-long seminar in a student's junior or senior year. The seminar will focus on independent research, methods, and will incorporate the AFS lecture series as part of the curriculum.

Students are encouraged to study in Africa and the program offers language and literature courses in Kiswahili and sponsors and endorses a variety of field study programs. The program casts a wide net, enabling students majoring in any department to design a course of study that satisfies their interests in Africa. Students who study at the University of Cape Town or elsewhere must submit courses for certificate credit to the program manager for director approval. With prior permission from the director eight weeks work in Africa on a project or on an IIP can equal a course cognate.

Certificate Courses

The undergraduate courses of interest to certificate students are offered by an array of departments. Some courses, not listed on the AFS website, may also qualify for the certificate. Please contact Tim Waldron with any questions.

Course descriptions are available in the current Undergraduate Announcement, which can be found online at the Office of the Dean of the College.