Program in Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies

EECS Track Course Listings

Below is a list of courses that fulfill certificate requirements and reflect the breadth of disciplines that correspond with the study of Eastern European Culture and Societies. Not every course is offered every year; some may be one-time-only offerings. In addition, there may be courses not listed below which qualify toward the EECS certificate. Please consult with the program director or program manager.

Fall 2021
PLS 101 Beginning Polish I
HIS 301 Modern Eastern Europe, 19th to 20th Century
SLA 345/ECS 354/RES 345 East European Literature and Politics

Spring 2021
BCS 102 Beginning Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian II
CZE 102 Beginning Czech II
COM 236/ANT 383/HLS 236/SLA 236 Traditions, Tales and Tunes: Slavic and East European Folklore
ECS 391/JDS 391/COM 399 Holocaust Testimony

Suggested Language Courses:
BCS 101 and 102  Beginning Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian I and II
BCS 105 and 107  Intermediate Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian I and II
CZE 101 and 102  Beginning Czech I and II
CZE 105 and 107  Intermediate Czech I and II
PLS 101 and 102  Beginning Polish I and II
PLS 105 and 107  Intermediate Polish I and II

Culture, Literature and the Arts
ART 337/GER 337  Court, Cloister and City: Art and Architecture in Central and Eastern Europe
ART 466/SLA 466/ECS 466  The Crossroads of Invention: Art, Society and Identity in East Central Europe (1500-1914)
COM 404  Literature Across Languages: The East European Novel of the 20th Century
COM 410/SLA 410  Bakhtin, Formalists, Cultural Semiotics
ECS 360/SLA 360  Central European Literature of the 20th Century
ECS 391/COM 391/JDS 391  Holocaust Testimony
JDS 221/PHI 221  Philosophy after Auschwitz
SLA 236  Rituals, Songs and Stories: Balkan and East European Oral Traditions
SLA 345/ECS 354/COM 345  East European Literature and Politics
SLA 347/JDS 337  Jewish Topics in East European Cinema
SLA 366/ECS 356/RES 347  Eastern Europe: Culture and History
SLA 396/ECS 397  Polish Literature on Screen

EPS 302/ECS 302  Landmarks of European Identity
HIS 346/HLS 346  Introduction to Byzantine Civilization
HIS 358/HLS 358  The History of the Balkans
HIS 452/EPS 342  Communism and Dissent in East Europe
HIS 542/HLS 542/MED 542  Problems in Byzantine History -- Rethinking the 11th century in Byzantium
HIS 570  Modern Eastern Europe: Concepts and Interpretations

Social Sciences:
ANT 351/HLS 351 Tolerance and Governance in the Mediterranean