New Directions in Indian and Comparative Philosophy is a lecture series hosted by Princeton University’s Program in South Asian Studies and co-sponsored by the Department of Religion.

For this series, Princeton is bringing internationally renowned scholars of Indian philosophy to campus to engage in dialogue with Princeton faculty and students from a range of disciplines, including ethics, political philosophy, philosophy of language, religious studies, and gender studies.

Lectures in the series are being recorded on video in order to make these conversations available to a wider public outside of Princeton University. Click on the individual links below to see these lectures as they become available.

The “Unbearability” of the Male Gaze: Metaphors for Consciousness and Body in Classical Sāṃkhya 1:23:24

Speaker: Ana Funes Maderey, Eastern Connecticut State University

The Impossibility of Freedom in Pre-Modern India 1:28:12

Speaker: Parimal Patil, Harvard University

A World Beyond Consciousness? On the Indian Controversy Over the Existence of External Objects 1:44:37

Speaker: Isabelle Ratie, Sorbonne Nouvelle University

How can Humans learn from Normative Narratives about Non-Humans? Friendships, Fables and Foibles in the Mahabharata 1:36:50

Arindam Chakrabarti, Mattoo Chair in Classical Indic Humanities and Professor in the Department of Philosophy, Stony Brook University

Infinite Paths to Infinite Reality: Sri Ramakrishna’s Vijnana-based Doctrine of the Harmony of All Religions 1:23:32

Ayon Maharaj, with response from Vineet Chander