Friday May 05

Why do good people do terrible things to others? Why do bad things happen to good people? Students in two humanities courses this spring are examining the idea of evil through close reading and discussion of literary and philosophical texts from Plato to Flannery O'Connor. But what can reading books about horrific events that took place far away, centuries ago or in fiction teach us about evil in our own lives?

Wednesday May 03

A photo of a lone white rhinoceros is projected onto a screen behind Jacob Dlamini, a Princeton University assistant professor of history, as his students argue the justification of using violence against the poachers and criminal syndicates who illegally hunt the animal for its iconic horn — and the moral authority non-Africans have to push for those measures.
Antoinette Handley, this year's World Politics Fellow.

Wednesday April 26

World Politics Fellow Antoinette Handley, who is visiting PIIRS this year from the University of Toronto, will deliver a talk today, April 26, on how businesses in Africa react in times of crises. The event will be held at 4:30 to 6 p.m. in 127 Corwin Hall and will be followed by a reception.
Gyan Prakash, the Dayton-Stockton Professor of History

Friday April 21

Six exceptional early career scholars from around the world will come to Princeton University this fall to begin a year of research, writing and collaboration as the fifth cohort of Fung Global Fellows.
Conference on Boundary Matters: Interdisciplinary Engagements with Ethnic Difference

Friday April 21

Last year's cohort of Fung Global Fellows, who worked on "Ethnic Politics and Identities" returned to campus this week for a conference on "Boundary Matters: Interdisciplinary Engagements With Ethnic Difference" which they planned after leaving campus late last spring.
Mark Beissinger, acting director of PIIRS and the Henry W. Putnam Professor of Politics

Monday April 17

Mark Beissinger, current acting director of PIIRS and the Henry W. Putnam Professor of Politics, is the recipient of a 2017 John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellowship for his work in political science on social movements and imperialism in Russia and the post-Soviet states.

Monday April 17

Students traveling on PIIRS Global Seminars and Undergraduate Fellowships are invited to attend a Predeparture Meeting on Monday, April 17 at 4:30 p.m. in the rooftop pavilion on the third floor of the Louis A. Simpson International Building. 
Former President of Brazil Dilma Rousseff

Friday April 07

Former President of Brazil Dilma Rousseff will present "The Challenges of Democracy in Brazil" on Thursday, April 13 at noon in McCormick 101.
PIIRS Research Community:Migration:People and Cultures Across Borders" welcomes three new visitors --Noelle Brigden, David Cortez and Loren Landau.

Monday April 03

The PIIRS Research Community, Migration: Peoples and Cultures Across Borders, will welcome three visitors next fall to be in residence at PIIRS for the academic year.

Tuesday March 28

Princeton University seniors Ava Hoffman, Lara Norgaard, Vidushi Sharma and Achille Tenkiang have been awarded the Henry Richardson Labouisse ’26 Prize to pursue international civic engagement projects for one year following graduation.