Snapshots From a Remote Summer

By Mary Cate Connors, Office of International Programs

What does an internship abroad look like when you can’t leave home? How do you get to know your office abroad when it looks a lot like your childhood bedroom? How do you immerse yourself in another culture from behind a computer screen? Princeton International asked undergraduate students from the International Internship Program (IIP) to share meaningful photos from their virtual internship experiences. The snapshots showed students making the most of their remote summer — joining Zoom staff meetings with co-workers abroad, setting phone alarms to account for time zone differences, attempting culinary classics from their host cultures, spending time with family and furry friends and embracing new workspaces. They offer a glimpse of some of the creative ways students found to connect with their host countries and organizations from afar. 

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Photos by: Andrew Alexander ’23; Amanda Banh ’23; Nicholas Bond ’22; Ruyi Ding ’22; Katherine Elmlinger ’23; Angelly Garcia ’21; Julia Garaffa ’23; Esmeralda Gloria ’22; Julio Lins ’23; Will McClure III ’22; Ana Pranger ’22; Mandy Qua ’23; Leia Walker ’22; and Jae Yoon ’23.