• Violence Against Women Legislation and Changes in Social Norms in Mexico
    By Mala Htun and Francesca R. Jensenius
  • Control, Coercion, and Cooptation: How Rebels Govern after Winning Civil War
    By Shelley X. Liu
  • Buying Brokers: Electoral Handouts byond Clientelism in a Weak-Party State
    By Allen Hicken, Edward Aspinall,  Meredith Weiss, and  Burhan Muhtadi
  • Government Policies, New Voter Coalitions and the Emergence of an Ethnic Dimension in Party Systems
    By Maayan Mor
  • Explaining Out-Group Bias in Weak States: Religion and Legibility in the 1891-92 Russian Famine
    by Volha Charnysh
  • When Co-Ethnicity Fails
    By Alexander Kustov and Guiliana Pardelli
  • Preferences over Foreign Migration: Testing Existing Explanations in the Gulf
    By Erin York
  • Public Opinion on Geopolitics and Trade: Theory and Evidence
    By Allison Carnegie and Nikhar Gaikwad