Tenkiang and Williamson Share Top Thesis Prize for African Studies

Monday, June 5, 2017

Achille Tenkiang '18, an African Studies concentrator, and Jeffrey Williamson '18, a history major, have been awarded the first Senior Thesis Prize by the Program in African Studies. This is the first year in which the prizes have been awarded. 

Tenkiang's thesis focused on “Urban Memory Making: A Study of Public Monuments and Commemorative Spaces in Addis Ababa and Dakar,” while Williamson's wrote on “Diagnosing the ‘Mau Mau’: Deconstructing the British Rehabilitation Model in Colonial Kenya.”

Three honorable mention prizes were also awarded:

  1. Nicole Acheampong – “The Red Spoon”
  2. Philomina Kane - "Characterization of Aedes Aegypti Populations Within Ghana: Correlations Between Habitat, Morphology, and Behavior"
  3. Esther Maddox – “Qwhite Cispicious: Judicial Interpretation and Land Displacement in Cape Town”