Graduate Fellows

Etienne Breton, Office of Population Research: Essays on Household Formation and Women’s Autonomy in Contemporary India

Liliane Ehrhart, French and Italian: The Wax Figures' Effect: Edgar Degas, Nathalie Sarraute, Hervé Guibert, and Marc Quinn

Benjamin Fogarty-Valenzuela, Anthropology: Pedagogies of Occupation: Youth Aspiration, Social Mobility and the Politics of Time

Jorge Gaupp, Spanish and Portuguese: The silenced reason: Spanish anarchist life and culture in the early XXth century

Elijah Greenstein, East Asian Studies: Sailing under a Rising Sun: Japanese Shipping in the World, 1868–1945

Terry Moon, Economics: Essays on Market Frictions and Real Investment

Matthew Mullane, Architecture: Observing All Things in the World: Itō Chūta's Histories of Architecture

Giuliana Pardelli, Politics: Financing the State: Inequality and Fiscal Capacity across Uneven Territories

Tommaso Pavone, Politics: The Ghostwriters: Lawyers and the Politics Behind the Judicial Construction of Europe

Elisa Prosperetti, History: Education for Development: Going to School in Postcolonial West Africa (1945-1980)

Jelena Radovanovic, Near Eastern Studies: Property, Law, and the Making of Serbian Nation-State in Post-Ottoman Niš (1878-1903)

Devika Shankar, History: A Perilous Port: Nature, Sovereignty and Development at the Edge of British India 1860-1937

Serena Stein, Anthropology: Farmers, Donors, Settlers & Seeds: An Ethnography of Conviviality and Extraction on Africa’s Next Agricultural Frontier

Sherry Wu, Psychology and Social Policy: Lewin at work: Increasing productivity and changing social attitudes through group influence