Graduate Fellows

Shoumitro Chatterjee, Economics, “Essays in Trade and Development Economics”

Cheng Cheng, Sociology, “Women’s Education, Intergenerational Coresidence, and Household Decision-Making in China”

Maria-Magdalena Fuchs, Religion, “Act in the Living Present”: The Anjuman-i Himayat-i Islam Lahore and Muslim Modernism in Colonial Punjab

Heba Gowayed, Sociology, “Refugees Welcome: How Syrian Refugees make New Lives in Resettlement”

Daniel Hazard, English, “Indentured Form: Time, Labor, and Difference in the West Indian Novel and Cuban Cinema”

Song Ha Joo, Politics, “Politics of Immigration Under Authoritarianism”

Abigail Kret, History, “Between Growth and Adjustment: International Economic Development, 1968-1985”

Emanuela Kucik, English, “Black Genocides and the Visibility Paradox in Post-Holocaust African American and African Literature”

James Lee, Politics, “The Wages of Containment: Foreign Aid, American Grand Strategy, and the Origins of the Developmental State”

Brandon Miller-de la Cuesta, Politics, “The Reputational Effects of Electoral Clientelism: evidence from Uganda and Ghana”

Lizabel Mónica, Spanish and Portuguese, “Digital Entanglements in Cuban Literature, Visual Arts, and Music”

Kalyani Ramnath, History, “Boats in a Storm: Law, Politics and Jurisdiction in Postwar South Asia”

Joan Ricart-Huguet, Politics, “The Unequal Political and Economic Legacy of Colonial Education in Africa”

Igor Rubinov, Anthropology, “Vital Growth: Climate adaptation in post-Soviet Tajikistan”

Benjamin Sacks, History, “Creating the Colonial Town: Surveyors, Networks, and Geographies, 1670-1770”

Paula Vedoveli, History, “Private Capital, Public Debt: A Global History of Brazil and Argentina’s Integration into International Financial Markets, 1852–1906”

Emil Verner, Economics, “Essays on Household Credit Markets and Business Cycles”