Undergraduate Fellows

Class of 2020 Fellows

Kenji Cataldo, History: "Protest and Expert Knowledge in 21st Century Puerto Rico". Research conducted in Puerto Rico.

Yousef Elzalabany, Near Eastern Studies: "Against the Nation-State: Modes of Transnational Thought in the Postcolonial Arab World". Research conducted in Egypt, Tunisia, and England.

David Friedman, Woodrow Wilson School: "Assessing the Prospects of Integration for Yemeni Migrants in South Korea". Research conducted in South Korea.

Anna Marsh, Architecture: "Roberto Burle Marx’s Flamengo Park: Pedestrian Mobility in Opposition with Modernism and Brazil’s Military Dictatorship". Research conducted in Brazil.

Rebecca Ngu, English: "The Uses of Walking: Developing a Critical Psychogeography in London". Research conducted in England.

Marah Sakkal, Architecture: "Physical Manifestations and Ontological Imaginations of Beirut’s Post-Civil Reconstruction and its Application to Syrian Civil War Reconstruction". Research conducted in Lebanon.

Abby Spare, English: "Noël Coward and Comedy in the Socio-Political British Moment". Research conducted in England.

Catherine Sweeney, Sociology: "Ethnographic Study of Refugee Education in Uganda". Research conducted in Uganda.

Zoe Zeitler, Civil & Environmental Engineering: "Architectural Self-Assembly Systems to Reduce Energy and Material Consumption during Construction". Research conducted in Denmark and Germany.