Undergraduate Fellows

Class of 2019 Fellows

David Exume, Sociology: “Migrant Support in Haitian-Canadian Radio Stations”. Research conducted in Canada from 8/21/18 to 9/9/18.

Mariachiara Ficarelli, Anthropology: “Lost and Found in the Mediterranean: Religious Imaginaries and Colonial Ghosts between Italy and Eritrea”. Research conducted in Italy from 5/27/18 to 7/14/18.

Majida Halaweh, History: “The Tahini State(s): The Role of Tahini in Palestinian and Israeli Cuisine and Political Economy from the British Mandate to Today”. Research conducted in Israel from 8/13/18 to 9/6/18.

Sebastian Holt, Independent Concentrator, Linguistics: “Mother Tongues and Opportunity in Uttarakhand; Sociolinguistic & Pedagogical Survey”. Research conducted in India from 6/27/18 to 8/22/18.

Alexandra Kersley, History: “Justice?: The Movemento Feminino Pela Anistia and Brazil’s 1979 Amnesty Law”. Research conducted in Brazil from 8/4/18 to 8/24/18.

Devin Kilpatrick, Sociology: ”Extranjero Siempre: An Ethnography of Repatriated Guatemalan-Americans in Guatemala's Capital City”. Research conducted in Guatemala from 8/10/18 to 9/10/18.

Jack Lohmann, English: “Reporting on Refugees in New Zealand”. Research conducted in New Zealand from 5/30/18 to 6/21/18.

Matthew Parodi, Politics: “Representing Indigeneity: A study on the indigenous rights movement of Taiwan through polling data and ethnic narratives in the tourism industry”. Research conducted in Taiwan from 7/1/18 to 8/11/18.

GJ Sevillano, Politics: “The Causes, Consequences, and Global Implications of the Pensionado Act of 1903: The Rise of a Second Filipino Intellectual Vanguard”. Research conducted in Philippines from 8/4/18 to 9/1/18.