The Program in Translation and Intercultural Communication (PTIC) offers a diverse curriculum that allows undergraduates to develop their understanding of intercultural communication from numerous perspectives. 

Faculty Director David Bellos 1:22

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PTIC certificate
Certificate Program

Undergraduates can delve deeper into translation issues by pursuing a certificate.

ptic lecture series
Lecture Series

The lunchtime series attracts world renowned experts in the field.

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The PTIC faculty have written prolifically on translation issues.

The point of the course was not to produce translators, but to produce citizens who can understand the issues of translation."
David Bellos
Director of PTIC and the Global Seminar in Geneva in 2014



  • Princeton’s first Translator-in-Residence, Michael Moore, will be hosting a Translation Table on Thursdays, from 12 to 1, in the café area of the Whitman dining hall. Mr. Moore has translated a wide variety of materials from Italian, ranging from classic authors (Primo Levi, Alberto Moravia, Alessandro Manzoni) to contemporary international politics. He is also an interpreter at the United Nations. Conversant in five languages, he would be happy to meet with students to talk about translation, interpretation, language acquisition, and other related topics.

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