• Political Competition and the Initiation of International Conflict: A New Perspective on the Institutional Foundations of Democratic Peace
    By Benjamin E. Goldsmith, Dimitri Semenovich, Arcot Sowmya, and Gorana Grgic
  • Humiliation and Third-Party Aggression
    By Joslyn Barnhart
  • Diverging Solidarity: Labor Strategies in the New "Knowledge" Economy
    By Christian Lyhne Ibsen and Kathleen Thelen
  • Solidaristic Unionism and Support for Redistribution in Central Europe
    By Nadja Mosimann and Jonas Pontusson
  • Social Forces and Political Development in the Global South: Beyond Class Analysis
    By Killian Clarke
  • Taking Credit: Redistribution and Borrowing in an Age of Economic Polarization
    By John S. Ahlquist and Ben Ansell