Below is a list of courses that fulfill certificate requirements and reflect the breadth of disciplines that correspond with the study of South Asia. Not every course is offered every year; some may be one-time-only offerings. In addition, there may be courses not listed below which qualify toward the SAS certificate. Please consult with the program director or program manager.



HIN 101/         Elementary Hindi-Urdu I
URD 101

HIN 102/         Elementary Hindi-Urdu II
URD 102

HIN 105          Intermediate Hindi I

HIN 107          Intermediate Hindi II

HIN 301/         Advanced Hindi-Urdu I

URD 301

HIN 302/         Advanced Hindi-Urdu II
URD 302


SAN 101         Elementary Sanskrit I

SAN102          Elementary Sanskrit II

SAN 105         Intermediate Sanskrit I

SAN 107         Intermediate Sanskrit II


HIN 101/         Elementary Hindi-Urdu I
URD 101

HIN 102/         Elementary Hindi-Urdu II
URD 102

URD 105         Intermediate Urdu I

URD 107         Intermediate Urdu II

HIN 301/         Advanced Hindi-Urdu I
URD 301/

HIN 302/         Advanced Hindi-Urdu II
URD 302


ANT 337         Social Change in Contemporary India

ANT 339         Peoples and Cultures of South Asia

Comparative Literature

COM 336        Indian Texts and Contexts: Ancient to Medieval


HIS 241           Faith and Power in the Indian Ocean Arena

HIS 317           The Making of Modern India and Pakistan

HIS 332           India before Europe: Politics, Religion, and Culture in South Asia: 1000-1857 A.D.

HIS 417           Gandhi: The Making of the Mahatma

Near Eastern Studies

NES 334/         Modern Islamic Political Thought
REL 334

NES 240/         Muslims and the Qur’an

REL 240
NES 340/         Muslim South Asia

REL 338


POL 351          The Politics of Development

POL 377          Rise of Asia: Political Economy of Development

POL 378          Politics in India


REL 225          The Buddhist World of Thought and Practice

REL 308          The Buddhist Individual

REL 325          Hindu Scriptures

REL 326          Buddhist Literature

South Asian Studies

SAS 321          The Politics of Pakistan

SAS 322          South Asian Popular Culture

SAS 325          Experiencing India through Bollywood

SAS 332          Mythology of Classical India

SAS 335/         Gender and Performing Arts in South Asia
GSS 335

SAS 328/         South Asian American Literature and Film
AMS 329         

SAS 340          Popular Trends in South Asian Literature

SAS 345          Islam in South Asia: Literary Perspectives

Woodrow Wilson School

WWS 319       Society and Politics in Pakistan