Below is a list of courses that fulfill certificate requirements and reflect the breadth of disciplines that correspond with the study of Contemporary European Politics and Society. Not every course is offered every year; some may be one-time-only offerings. In addition, there may be courses not listed below which qualify toward the certificate. Please consult with the program director or program manager.

Spring 2018

EPS 300 POL 384
European Politics and Society in the 20th Century

FRE 222
The Making of Modern France: French Literature, Culture, and Society from 1789 to the Present

GER 208 
Studies in German Language and Style: Contemporary Society, Politics, and Culture

GER 210
Introduction to German Philosophy

GER 306/ COM 384/ ECS 304
German Intellectual History: Literature and Science from Kepler to Goethe

HIS 362
The Soviet Empire

HIS 366
Germany since 1806