PIIRS supports long-term faculty and student work that sheds light on our vast, increasingly interconnected world. Spanning regions around the globe, our centers and programs create a home for innovation in scholarly work with an international focus, incorporating faculty research, student learning, and community engagement.


Expansive in their view, PIIRS centers advance compelling, long-term research and education that deepens collective understanding.

Academic Programs

Anchored by undergraduate minors/certificates that offer immersion in international politics, culture, language study, and translation, PIIRS programs promote regionally targeted studies at Princeton.

International Fellows Program

PIIRS invests in programming that enhances and amplifies globally engaged conversations with scholars from around the world.

Strategic Partnerships

Princeton has agreements with strategic partners at the institutional level to facilitate increased mobility of faculty and students, as well as transnational research and teaching collaboration.


Related Regional Programs

Regional Postdoctoral Programs

Please explore individual sites for details for other opportunities at Princeton University to pursue regional interests.