Princeton-Humboldt Strategic Partnership

Princeton University established a strategic partnership with Humboldt University in Berlin in 2012. The Princeton-Humboldt Strategic Partnership supports departments, programs and centers seeking resources to sustain ongoing transnational research, teaching collaborations, and staff and student exchanges. The Princeton-Humboldt partnership has flourished for more than a decade and has co-funded more than 30 faculty-driven research collaborations in disciplines as diverse as classics, electrical engineering, molecular biology, neuroscience, history, philosophy and international relations. Princeton has also established graduate-student exchanges in several departments and a regular number of visiting scholars from Humboldt engaged in Princeton’s teaching and research enterprise. In addition to the faculty-research collaborations and exchanges, Princeton hosted the University's fourth Fung Forum at Humboldt University in Berlin. Based on the success of the institutional collaborations and flow of scholars, students and ideas between the two institutions, the strategic partnership agreement with Humboldt was renewed in fall 2023.

About Humboldt:

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin is Berlin's oldest university and — as one of 11 German universities that won the German Universities Excellence Initiative — one of the most respected universities worldwide. Humboldt-Universität is a large public university, and yet shares many of the characteristics of Princeton. A reputation for excellent scholarship (Humboldt-Universität has educated 29 Nobel Prize winners), a profound commitment to arts and humanities, a faculty-driven approach and a department-driven, decentralized organization. The University has approximately 35,000 undergraduates, 11,000 master's degree students and 6,000 doctoral students. Berlin is a wonderful, cosmopolitan city with an incredible history, Humboldt-Universität is an important intellectual hub for Princeton scholars and through our partnership with Humboldt, it is now the site of one of dynamic and important international endeavors of this University.