Program in Contemporary European Politics and Society


Learning a language is a fundamental aspect of understanding another culture.  

Expertise in a national language used in any European country is an important component of this program. Students are expected to have sufficient linguistic competence to use research materials in the foreign language for their senior thesis research. Native speakers and students with previous training in any of the languages of Europe can fulfill the language requirement by passing a placement test.

Course descriptions are available in the current Undergraduate Announcement, which can be found online at the Office of the Registrar.

More course information:

French and Italian Languages
German Language
Spanish and Portuguese Languages

Language Study Abroad

Students also have the opportunity to study language abroad. Living overseas is a critical part of gaining language fluency and is strongly encouraged by the program. Princeton participates in the Berlin Consortium and has linkages with the Institut d'Etudes Politiques Paris (Sciences Po) and Oxford University, and also allows students to study at many other European universities. Students may choose to spend a summer, a semester or an entire academic year abroad.