PIIRS Regional Labs


Pre-proposals: December 1, 2022

PIIRS hosts a small number of labs. These tend to focus on a given country/region as a geographic laboratory for evaluating a set of cross-cutting issues. A given country might be the site of democratic challenges, environmental crises, inequality and precarity, war and/or a host of other issues. The labs aim to bring together a multidisciplinary group of scholars with a shared country-based and regional expertise who have identified a core theme or themes that they want to explore collectively over a 3-year period.


Awards will vary depending on the scale of the enterprise being proposed. PIIRS will award each lab up to $450,000 spread over three years.



To begin, PIIRS will seek only an initial two- or three-page pre-proposal describing the theme of the proposed lab and identifying other Princeton faculty who might be involved. Pre-proposals must be made by groups of at least three Princeton faculty members from at least two academic departments. It should indicate other participants who might be interested and why the proposed lab provides a unique and unprecedented opportunity to pursue this work at Princeton. Pre-proposals should be sent by December 1, 2022 to PIIRS Director Deborah Yashar.


Some pre-proposals received will be asked to develop a more detailed application. This more extensive application will consist of a 7-10 page application, due by February 15, 2023. The application should include the following:

  • A more detailed elaboration of the lab, its importance for regional and multidisciplinary knowledge, and plans for the three-year proposal — detailing the balance between research, teaching, and publicly organized activity.
  • A list and description of the faculty who have agreed to participate in the lab’s activities
  • A list of other faculty who might participate (including colleagues at other institutions around the world).
  • Labs will ideally propose connections to colleagues/institutions to the country in connection. However, most labs will not include postdoctoral fellows or long-term visitors, although they might connect with visitors and fellows in other programs.
  • Labs should indicate if they are organically connected to either a) existing PIIRS regional research communities, b) other Princeton regional programs and centers, and/or c) Princeton departments.
  • A three-year budget not to exceed $450,000 over 3 years. Examples of sample budgets are available (please write Karen Koller).

Requests for Extensions

Under special circumstances, a lab might apply for continued funding. Success of a lab will be judged by the size of the engaged faculty community, attendance at its activities, publication results, curricular/pedagogical footprint, and the international networks it has established. Typically, communities seeking another cycle of funding will also need to demonstrate evidence of application for significant external or internal funding from sources other than PIIRS.

Further questions or inquiries about the PIIRS Regional Labs can be addressed to PIIRS Director Deborah Yashar (cc:ing Deputy Director David Jarvis and Institute, Executive Director Susan Bindig, and Finance Manager Karen Koller).