PIIRS Translation Funds


February 1, 2023

Regional and international research necessarily requires work around the world. Yet, our published work is often not accessible to the very people we engaged during the research process — via interviews, focus groups, intellectual collaboration, etc. This new fund aims to redress this gap in how we share and distribute our work.

Funding for Articles and Books

Applications might request support to translate an article (requesting up to $1500) or book (requesting up to $15,000) — with the amount requested depending on the length of a given piece. Alongside translation costs, the applicant can also request resources to create foreign-language short videos of the translated publication and/or to purchase 10 copies of the translated book/article to donate to institutions or people in the country in question.


Full-time faculty are eligible to apply for publications that are accepted for publication (forthcoming) and/or already published. At present, one can receive these funds no more than once every three years.


Applicants should submit a two-three page request that indicates the following:

  • The bibliographic information and executive summary of the piece to be translated (including co/authorship; title; journal/press; year). If available, please also include a link to the publication.
  • The proposed language for translation.
  • The publisher and/or professional translator who would undertake this job (including official contracts and budgets, where available).
  • Indicate how/where this piece would be distributed.
  • A rationale for why this piece should be translated —why it is important to translate the piece into a given language, how it will increase access, and for whom?

Any questions, please contact the PIIRS director, Deborah Yashar (cc:ing Deputy Director David Jarvis, Executive Director Susan Bindig, and Finance Manager Karen Koller).