How to Apply

Application Information

To begin, PIIRS will seek only an initial two- or three-page pre-proposal describing the theme of the proposed research community and identifying other Princeton faculty who might be involved. Pre-proposals must be made by groups of at least three Princeton faculty members from at least two academic departments. Pre-proposals are not expected to indicate detailed plans of activity, but should give an indication as to why the chosen theme would be suitable for establishing a PIIRS Research Community and who at Princeton might be possible participants in such a community. Engagement with a variety of Princeton faculty is one of the key criteria by which pre-proposals will be judged. Pre-proposals should be sent to PIIRS Director Stephen Kotkin. Deadline to come.  

Some pre-proposals received will be asked to develop a more detailed application (due at a subsequent date). This more extensive application will consist of:  

  • A more detailed elaboration of the theme of the research community and its importance across multiple world regions and academic disciplines
  • A list and description of the faculty who have agreed to become core community members (and evidence that they have committed to participate in the community’s monthly meeting)
  • A list of other faculty who might be asked to participate
  • A plan and budget for the community’s first year of activity 
  • A short description of the kinds of community activities that might be undertaken in future years, including a statement on how the community would like to handle its visiting fellows program and possible ways of satisfying the curricular requirement. Examples of sample budgets are available from the PIIRS Director. 

Further questions or inquiries about the PIIRS Research Community program can be addressed to PIIRS Director Stephen Kotkin.