Letter From the Dean

Princeton International is your window onto the vast array of academic and experiential opportunities Princeton sponsors overseas. I am pleased to introduce its third issue. With visual and verbal eloquence, Princetonians of all stripes encourage us to consider thoughtfully cultures and perspectives that differ from our own. At a political moment when borders and walls threaten to limit the exchange of people and ideas, the images and articles presented here remind us of the critical role educators and students play in seeking out and strengthening cross-border collaborations that yield productive solutions to evolving global challenges.

These pages feature Tigers studying, conducting research and teaching abroad in iconic regions, from the waterways of Venice, to the impressionistic countryside of Aix-en-Provence, to the misty streets of London. They also track Tigers traversing less familiar terrain. Kisara Moore ’22 reflects on Bridge Year humanitarian service projects in Yunnan Province in southwestern China. Bhadrajee Hewage ’20 comments on nationalism and development in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. And Professors João Biehl and Pedro Meira Monteiro outline the environmental and policy research they conducted on the Amazon River for Princeton’s new Brazil LAB.

Our geographic reach and aspirations are impressive, as the map of faculty-led summer programs on pages 18 and 19 illustrates. Just as noteworthy, however, is the collaborative nature of the projects undertaken by Princeton students and faculty abroad: projects that cross borders, both geographic and disciplinary, and that are carried out in partnership with local expertise. Our work would be impossible without sustained collaborations between Princeton scholars and overseas host communities. Indeed, the illustrations and narratives featured in Princeton International reflect how a deep respect for other cultures and their modes of producing knowledge drives Princeton’s international engagement.

Put simply, Princeton International makes clear how the pathways of international learning do not simply extend from Princeton, New Jersey, outward. Instead, they flow in multiple directions. At home and abroad, Princetonians support intellectual inquiry and collaboration, foster the exchange of ideas across languages and borders, and help build bridges that transcend barriers, be they physical, political, or of any kind. In our endeavors we must continue to ask: what can we learn broadly, how can we listen amply, and where can we speek freely?

What makes Princeton a leader in global research and education is not our global footprint, wide-reaching though it may be, but rather the commitments we make to Princeton students and faculty, as well as to the communities overseas with which we are privileged to engage. International learning enables all students to integrate the experiential and curricular aspects of overseas immersion into their programs of study, to seek out intellectual synergies, and to be mindful of their role as compassionate, thoughtful citizens of the planet.


Karen C. Krahulik ’91

Senior Associate Dean for International Programs and Experiential Learning