• Racial Reclassification and Political Identity Formation
    By David De Micheli
  • Practical Ideology in Militant Organizations
    By Sarah Parkinson
  • The Power of Compromise: Proposal Power, Partisanship, and Public Support in International Bargaining
    By Ryan Brutger
  • Structure of Religion, Ethnicity & Insurgent Mobilization: Evidence from India
    By Anoop Sarbahi
  • Mobilization Campaigns and Rural Development: The East Asian Model Reconsidered
    By Kristen Looney
  • Electoral Manipulation and Regime Support: Survey Evidence from Russia
    By Ora John Reuter and David Szakonyi
  • Review Article: Redefining the Debate over Credibility and Reputation
    By Robert Jervis, Keren Yarhi-Milo, and Don Casler