• The Logic of Illicit Flows in Armed Conflict: Explaining Variation in Violent Non-state Group Interactions in Colombia
    By Annette Idler
  • Local Order, Policing and Bribes: Evidence from India
    By Juan Tellez, Erik Wibbels, and Anirudh Krishna
  • The Durability of Client Dictatorships: Foreign Sponsorship and Military Loyalty, 1946-2010
    By Adam E. Casey
  • Networks, Informal Governance, and Ethnic Violence in a Syrian City
    By Kevin Mazur
  • Social Revolution and Authoritarian Durability
    By Lucan Way, Jean LaChapelle, Steven Levitsky, and Adam E. Casey
  • Institutional Sources of Business Power
    By Marius Busemeyer and Kathleen Thelen
  • The Political Geography of the Eurocrisis
    By Daniel Stegmueller and Pablo Beramendi