Graduate Fellows

2021-2022 PIIRS Graduate Fellows

  • Tyler Adkins, Anthropology: Forms of Life and the Life of Forms in Post-Soviet Siberia
  • Diana Cristobal Olave, Architecture: Algorithmic Drawings: Architecture, Computers, and the Ethics of Exhaustion under Iberian Developmentalism (1953-1977)
  • Emily Eyestone, French and Italian: Dialect(ics) of Disaster: Catastrophe in French Caribbean History and Writing
  • Yixin Gu, East Asian Studies: The Enchantment of Erudition: Models and Manifestations of Literary Culture in Han-Wei China
  • Jane Hines, Music: Complete Fantasy: The Imagination in 19th-Century Musical Discourse
  • Austen Hinkley, Comparative Literature: Doubled Sense: Wit and Joke in German Letters
  • Will Horne, Politics: Class Dismissed: The Labour Party and the Decline of Working Class Representation
  • Ruo Jia, Architecture: Different Shades of the Concrete—French Poststructuralist Theory or Chinese Experimental Architecture
  • Karolina Koziol, Anthropology: Alienation and “Foreignization”: Encounters in Russian-Chinese Borderlands 
  • Fabian Krautwald, History: Spheres of Memory: Legacies of German Colonialism in Namibia and Tanzania, 1914-1969
  • Benjamin Lindquist , History: From Text to Speech: A History of the Computer’s Voice
  • Max Matukhin, Comparative Literature: Fiction's Truths: False Confessions and Sermons from the Roman de Renart to Chaucer's Pardoner
  • Edgar Melgar, Near Eastern Studies: Global Positivism, Scientific Politics, and the Rise of Technocracy in the Ottoman Empire and Latin America, 1830-1914.
  • Jenne O'Brien, History: Making the Manifold: Mathematical Libraries in Göttingen, Germany, 1851-1914
  • Samin Rashidbeigi, Near Eastern Studies: State of Blood: Transfusion Science, the Urban Poor, and the Making of the Modern Donor in Iran 
  • Ron Sadan, German: Vigilant Readers: German Culture Criticism in the Age of the Newspaper (1890-1930)
  • Amanda Savagian, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology: Communication in Complex Social Groups
  • Vajdon Sohaili, Architecture: The Shape of Unity: Modeling Settler Colonial Community Through Public Architecture and Art
  • Nathan Stobaugh, Art and Archaeology: New Media, New Masses: VALIE EXPORT's Arts of Communication
  • Zhuming Yao, East Asian Studies: Voice of Textuality: Speech, Genre, and Speech Genres in Early China

2020-2021 PIIRS Graduate Fellows

  • Renée Altergott, French and Italian: Phonographic Imaginaries: The Birth of Sound Recording in France and the French Colonial Empire.
  • Shuk Ying Chan, Politics: Postcolonial Global Justice.
  • Gabriella Aurora Ferrari, Slavic Languages and Literatures: Propaganda Matters: On the Material Properties of Soviet Ideology.
  • Curt Gambetta, Architecture: Substitutions of Modernity: materials and the modern home in India, 1915-present.
  • Soojung Han, East Asian Studies: When China Was Gone: Identities and States of the Shatuo Turks.
  • Austin Hancock, French and Italian: La Boxe contre l'ombre: Boxing and the Historical Avant-Garde.
  • Charlie Hankin, Spanish and Portuguese: Break and Flow: Hip-Hop Poetics in Brazil, Cuba, and Haiti.
  • Caitlin Harvey, History: Bricks and Mortar Boards: University-Building in the Settlement Empire, 1840-1920.
  • Matthew Honegger, Music: Stalinist Cultural Diplomacy and the Origins of Soviet-US Musical Exchange.
  • Rob Konkel, History: Building Blocs: Raw Materials and the Global Economy in the Age of Disequilibrium.
  • Margaret Kurkoski, Art and Archaeology: Imperial Presence in the Villas of Roman Italy.
  • Matthew McDonald, History: A Linguistic Archipelago: Style and Distinction in European French, 1740–1815
  • Benjamin Murphy, Art and Archaeology: Fieldwork: Problems of Observation and Archive in Latin American Video.
  • Lindsay Ofrias, Anthropology: Healing Justice: Environmental Defenders and a Thriving Future for Amazonia.
  • Candela Potente, Comparative Literature: Traveling Concepts: Psychoanalysis and the Translation of Stories.
  • Kaspar Pucek, History: The Post-Communist Divergence: The Transformation of Economic Governance in Russia and Poland, c. 1965-Present.
  • Malavika Rajeev, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology: Modeling canine rabies to inform elimination.
  • Belén Unzueta, Sociology:
  • Luciano Vanni, Art and Archaeology: Renovation: Habsburg-Lorraine Residences in the Eighteenth Century: Prague, Brussels, and Florence.
  • Genie Yoo, History: Mediating Islands: Ambon Across the Ages.