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Carlos Fausto

Global Scholar

Brazil LAB

Carlos Fausto is a professor of anthropology at the National Museum, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. He served as a visiting scholar at the universities of Chicago, Stanford and Cambridge, as well as at the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales and the École Pratique des Hautes Études, both in France. He has been conducting fieldwork among indigenous peoples in Amazonia since 1988, most notably with the Tupi-speaking Parakanã and the Karib-speaking Kuikuro. His most recent books are "Warfare and Shamanism in Amazonia, Art Effects: Image, Agency and Ritual in Amazonia," and the co-edited volume "Ownership and Nurture: Studies in Native Amazonian Property Relations." He is also a photographer and a documentary filmmaker, having co-directed the award-winning feature film “The Hyperwomen.”

Sadaf Jaffer

Sadaf Jaffer


Sadaf Jaffer’s research and teaching focus primarily on Islamic, South Asian and gender studies. Her current book project, “Secularism, Sexuality and Islam: Ismat Chughtai’s Indian Muslim Progressivism,” elucidates alternative Muslim subjectivities through the lens of a prominent Urdu writer and cultural critic. Jaffer’s web-based publications include posts to the Foreign Policy Research Institute E-Notes, the Huffington Post and the blog Altmuslimah. Prior to Princeton, Jaffer was a postdoctoral fellow in global studies at Stanford University. Ph.D. Harvard University

Woojeong Jang

Postdoctoral research associate

Reimagining World Order (RWO) research community

Woojeong Jang's dissertation was titled "Hegemonic Transition and Regime Changes: The Cases of Post-Cold War Democratization," which examined how states are embedded in hegemonic orders to varying degrees and how these geopolitical configurations shape domestic political landscapes. Her research has been published in the "Journal of Common Market Studies" and "International Journal of Politics, Culture, and Society." Ph.D. Georgetown University

lya Kalinin

Ilya Kalinin

Visiting research scholar

Global History Lab

lya Kalinin is a professor at the National Research University Higher School of Economics at Saint Petersburg State University. His researches focus on early Soviet Russia intellectual and cultural history, practices of self-fashioning of Soviet Subject and the historical and cultural politics of contemporary Russia. He has published in a wide range of journals including Ab Imperio, Baltic Worlds, Sign Systems Studies, Social Sciences, Russian Literature, Russian Studies, Russian Studies in Literature, Slavonica, Wiener Slawistischer Almanach and New Literary Observer. His book “History as Art of Articulation. Russian Formalists and Revolution” is forthcoming from New Literary Observer Publishing House (Moscow). Ph.D. Saint Petersburg State University. 

May Kosba

May Kosba

Postdoctoral research associate

Program in African Studies

Treating the African novel as an archival site that produces knowledge and preserves cultural and historical memory, May Kosba's dissertation studies the concept of race through an imagining of modern Egypt as an African diasporic geography navigating the interlocking legacies of Islamization, Arabization, Western European colonialism and Ottoman rule. Her research and teaching center Black epistemological approaches on studying race to identify how religion, culture and politics inform nineteenth and twentieth century African writers’ representations of Egypt, and how they negotiate discourses on racial formation, slavery, Arabness and Blackness. Ph.D. candidate Graduate Theological Union