The following guidelines for paying honoraria to guest speakers either in person or virtually are meant to apply to all programs, initiatives, labs, communities, or centers housed in PIIRS. As you know, payments to certain international guests, just as in the case of government officials, may be prohibited, so before promising honoraria to such guests, their visa status must be confirmed by the PIIRS program manager to determine their eligibility for compensation. Princeton faculty cannot receive honoraria from Princeton.

  • One-off lecture, presentation, or talk, either at lunch (noon) or in the afternoon: up to $500
  • Keynote speakers/artists/authors as part of a workshop or a multiday conference: up to $1,000
  • Named (specifically endowed) lectures: up to $1,000
  • For rare cases of honoraria requests exceeding $1,000, the PIIRS Director’s approval must be obtained in advance.