The Program in Translation and Intercultural Communication (PTIC) offers a diverse curriculum that allows undergraduates to develop their understanding of intercultural communication from numerous perspectives. 

Certificate Program

Undergraduates can delve deeper into translation issues by pursuing a certificate.

ptic lecture series
Lecture Series

The lunchtime series attracts world renowned experts in the field.

ptic bookshelf

The PTIC faculty have written prolifically on translation issues.

The point of the course was not to produce translators, but to produce citizens who can understand the issues of translation."
David Bellos
Former Director of PTIC and the Global Seminar in Geneva in 2014


The South Asia Translation Group meets every two weeks to collaborate on translating and discussing South Asian literature, film, music and culture. There are dozens of major languages and scripts in South Asia, and this group provides a space for students to gather and share the challenges and pleasures of working with them. The reading group is cosponsored by PTIC and the Department of Comparative Literature. Fall meeting dates TBA.

For information, contact Aliya Ram.



South Asia Translation Reading Group Meeting

5:30pm - 6:30pm | Virtual Meeting


South Asia Translation Reading Group Meeting

5:30pm - 6:30pm | Virtual Meeting

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