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Course Information

GLS 320/LAS 341/SPA 337

Host Institution

Universidad Diego Portales


Santiago, Chile

June 22 - August 3, 2024


This seminar explores the connections between Chilean art and politics since the military coup of 1973 against President Salvador Allende, focusing on responses to censorship and repression by visual artists, filmmakers, performers, writers, and collectives, and considers the complex negotiations of the later democratic transition, the contemporary Chilean art and literary scenes, the implementation of neoliberalism, the feminist turn, the rise of recent political movements and the creation of a new constitution. Local excursions include urban public spaces used by artists as well as public and private art collections, library archives, film institutes, galleries, and local museums, where students will conduct research. Excursions include the Atacama Desert, Valparaiso, and Isla Negra.


Important Notes

Fulfills the Literature and the Arts (LA) general education requirement, and counts as a course toward the certificate in Latin American Studies.